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Arab Therapist Near Me - Abraham Awais
Abraham Awais Mesa, AZ
1 month licensed
(480) 477-3203
Hi! Each of us walks our own path. I primarily use IFS (Internal Family Systems) and can help you reconnect and build relationships with all parts of yourself. I can offer you a pathway to your inner world and journey alongside you as we rediscover what was lost, returning to parts stranded in dark corners of the past with tenderness and compassion. The majority of my experience includes working with childhood trauma, neglect, depression, anxiety, codependency and grief. As a first-generation Middle Eastern American, I wholeheartedly understand adverse experiences, cultural burdens and identity conflicts that keep us feeling lost. I am trained by the Internal Family Systems Institute as an IFS therapist. I am also heavily influenced by Person-Centered and Psychodynamic theories of the psyche, as well as Jungian Analysis. I believe understanding and processing the past using compassion and deep curiosity is the key to living with fulfillment in the present. In my free time, I like collecting and listening to vinyl, going to concerts, writing, and reading books & manga. As we work together, my intention is to help you heal connections that may have been buried away because of trauma, abuse, and dysfunctional relationships. Feel free to reach out for a free phone consultation!
Arab Therapists Near Me - Magie Abdelmalek
Magie Abdelmalek Mississauga, Ontario
Relationship, Anxiety, Depression
3 months licensed
(365) 300-5574
I am a Registered Psychotherapist (Qualifying) and offer both in-person and virtual therapy sessions in English and Arabic. I use various therapeutic approaches, including CBT, psychodynamic therapy, EFT, DBT, trauma-informed therapy and others, but most importantly I tailor my approach according to your unique needs. I will help you explore, understand, and deal with your automatic thoughts, emotions, and subconscious patterns of behaviour. I specialize in anxiety, depression, relationships, trauma/PTSD, and self-esteem. Together, we will walk this journey in a calm, safe, non-judgmental, and supportive space! Visit my website to book a session or a free 15-minute phone consultation.
Arab Therapist Near Me - Tala Abu Rahma
Tala Abu Rahma New York, NY
Adult, Anxiety, Individual
5 months licensed
(866) 232-7328
As an Arab-American and a therapist of color, I understand the value of working with a therapist who understands different cultural backgrounds and the impact of culture on mental health. I provide a safe space for you to explore your personal history and how certain events and traumas shape your relationships and behaviors. My approach is an integration of psychodynamic and cognitive-behavioral modalities, which means I will explore the way you experienced the world from birth until present to identify habits and behaviors that have become roadblocks to living in alignment with the person you want to be. I utilize LifeMaps, a collaborative treatment plan where you can track progress and see your therapy notes. It will allow you to be directly involved in creating your care plan and tracking your progress during our work together. I have served as a social worker in a variety of non-profit organizations and outpatient clinics, and I believe that the therapeutic model we utilize at Create Outcomes is one of the most effective and data-driven models currently available.

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